Welcome to the Home of the amazing WOW Flute!™
It's a Tune in your Pocket!
Durable. Lightweight. Portable.

The WOW Flute! -- Kicktraq Mini

Thank you to all our 

Discovery of the WOW Flute!™

The Original WOW Flute!™ is a durable, lightweight, and 
portable musical instrument, that can be played anywhere! 

Clip them on a belt loop
Hang around the neck
Carry in the pocket 

Each WOW Flute!™ is made out of quality materials in the USA!
Many songs can be played on the WOW Flute! 

Good Triumphs!

For more information Contact Us:
WOW Flute, LLC
(615) FLUTE-4-U
(615) 358.8348
(480) 201.9909

or via email: joecow@wowflute.com

Handmade WOW Flutes! come in a variety of Color Swirls, so there is one for everybody!

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